The History of Management

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Posted by RuninDC
Modern management is the unison of people and technology to create something of worth. Earlier on in our country's history, the innovators of machines were mostly engineers. They were the ones who understood how machines worked and they operated them.

During the turn of the 20th century, Frederick Taylor created the term "Scientific Management". Taylor started out as one of the first management theorist and consultant.

Taylor developed the following principles to his management theory.

1) Management is a true science. Creating a harmonious work environment with good work standards and practices can be executed by research and experimentation and applied across the board throughout the corporate world and government.

2) The selection of workers is a science. Taylor believed that interviewing and hiring employees and assigning them to the job that was most suitable for them and the company could be executed methodically.

3) Workers should be developed and trained -- this is management's responsibility to standardize responsibilities across the board.

4) Scientific management involves a collaboration of both workers and managers.
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